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Tilburg, Netherlands
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3 m.
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2060.00 EUR
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Understand, analyze, and forecast global economic changes and their implications for the performance of organizations.

What is Economics?

  • Learn how people, firms and governments make certain decisions (microeconomics) and how these decisions affect the economy as a whole (macroeconomics).

  • Use economic models to study and forecast changes in the local and global economic landscape.

  • In contrast with business studies, which concerns itself with how to run a company, Economics is focused on the environment in which consumers, companies and countries relate to each other.

  • Business related courses only play a small role in the program in order to allow for a specialized focus on economics, which is expressed in courses such as Industrial Economics, International Trade, Public Sector Economics, and Development Economics.

Why study Economics in Tilburg?

  • Follow a unique program in the Netherlands with a specialized focus on economics.

  • Economics in Tilburg is a high-quality program: offering the best in the field of economics in the Netherlands. It received the special quality label ‘Top Rated Program’ label (Keuzegids 2017) and number one ranking when compared with all Dutch programs in the fields of economics and business economics in the Netherlands (Elsevier 2016).

  • Tilburg University holds excellent international rankings in the fields of economics and econometrics (QS: #37 in the world).

  • Learn from some of Europe's leading economists and become an expert yourself.

  • Follow in the footsteps of our graduates and receive the solid analytical foundation you need to be fully prepared for a Master’s program at a top university in the Netherlands or abroad.

  • Become part of an international classroom in which 55% of your classmates come from abroad.

  • Tilburg University holds excellent international rankings in the fields of Economics, Econometrics and Business (ARWU Economics subject ranking: # 30; QS Economics & Econometrics ranking: # 50)

Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas
  • Pažymių išrašas - jei dar nesi baigęs mokyklos, būtina prisegti pažymių išrašą. Smulkesnę informaciją kaip pildyti išrašą ir kada jis reikalingas, rasi čia.
  • Brandos atestatas – jei jau esi baigęs mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka anketoje prisegti savo Brandos atestatą.
Anglų kalbos reikalavimai

Anglų kalbos žinias gali patvirtinti vienu iš šių būdų:

  • IELTS – 6.0
  • TOEFL – 80
Svarbūs reikalavimai

Mathematics is a required course. This means that even if you have a recognized diploma, you must be able to prove that you have a sufficient level of Mathematics.

Kiti reikalavimai

Special Personal Steatement:

With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tilburg University, you will qualify for a wide range of prestigious Master’s programs all over the world. After successfully completing a Master’s degree, you are fully equipped to pursue careers in both the private and public sector.

Our graduates have attained different prominent positions in a range of different careers. Can you already see yourself as an economist at a multinational or bank? Perhaps the (semi)-public sector suits you better and were you born to be a policy advisor at a government ministry, central bank or the European Commission. Or how about a career as an analyst at an international advisory organization, such as the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. With a degree in Economics from Tilburg University, the possibilities are endless.

Meet your future employer on campus

The Economics Business Weeks are a recurring event at Tilburg University. During these weeks, companies visit campus to meet our students. There are speed dating sessions, workshops, and meet & greets. It is the perfect way to land that dream internship or even meet your future employer.