Danijos ambasadoriaus žodis

Laurids Mikaelsen
Buvęs Danijos ambasadorius Lietuvoje
Why study in Denmark?
This may seem as a relevant question contemplating ones future study. Denmark has many things to offer students from foreign countries as Lithuania. Denmark is located as a bridge between Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Hence, Danish society is influenced by both cultures and this is reflected in higher educational system and traditions.
The Danish educational system offers many opportunities for students and researchers. Danish higher education institutions provide a large selection of international programs and courses in all branches of academic life. In Denmark we tend to encourage an international outlook and an innovative culture in our education system. This is manifested in i.e. a strong position in areas as biotechnology, food science and environmental protection. Many higher education and research institutions cooperate intensively with business life creating a highly up-to-date and dynamic research environment. As a foreign student in Denmark you will get the opportunity to be part in this research and educational culture, contributing to your qualifications and shaping your future academic profile.
Studying in Denmark you will experience an academic tradition, which combines traditional education, such as lectures, with discussions where students actively contribute. Thus, each student’s own critical and analytical initiatives is an important element of higher education in Denmark.
Foreign students are most welcome in Denmark. We value their contribution to the Danish higher education system and hopes that they will enjoy the friendly and culturally diverse environment in our institutions of learning.