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Mantas Jokštis

Mantas Jokštis

HZ University of Applied Sciences
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I am Mantas Jokstis from Lithuania and I am studying chemistry as a fast track student (tree years study course) at HZ University. Before finishing my studies in gymnasium I started thinking about my future opportunities in higher education. At the beginning I spent a lot of time surfing on the internet, reading articles about universities in my native country and abroad. Finally, I've decided that I want to relate my future life with foreign country and gain international experience thus raising my personality either accepting challenges.

Now it is perfect time to ask why Kingdom of Netherlands? Well, to discover all possibilities and beauty of this country is not hard. First of all, Netherlands is the second best place in world to start business and it attracts many investments from all over the world and that oblige to think about post graduation life, also, Netherlands is one of the leading countries by life quality criteria. In Netherlands higher education system are two branches which are pretty different than in my home country. Universities where studies take three years and provides only theoretical field of knowledge and hogeschools where four year studies involves a lot of work in practice and in last mentioned I am studying. HZ University of applied sciences for several years in a row has been elected as best hogeschool in Netherlands - we are simply the best as catch phrase from advertisement. However, this higher education institution is not only name or glittering symbol on the top of best universities list. Whole administration and lecturers are working hard and trying to improve all study programs. Reached high standard binds HZ personal to keep it like this.

Every study program is flexible and created for student’s convenience. Practical work always follows theory lectures and it is beneficial because when you are occurring experiment in laboratory it is necessary to apply your knowledge and for sure it helps to memorise. Study plan, also, includes English language lessons for special speciality purposes so there is no reason to worry about gaps in language skills. By the way, HZ offers interesting excursions which are related with study programs and further career life.  Each group of students has career coach who helps with problems in study field and beyond the pale of it. I would recommend for all future students of HZ to not hesitate and discuss with teachers about everything what causes you difficulties and problems.

Student’s life here in Vlissingen also has a lot to offer. University gives opportunity to join HZ sport club and participate in many physical activities, furthermore, HZ cult organization arranges many travels for students who love to be acquainted with other cities in Netherlands and other countries in Europe. Student life in Vlissingen has many great features because majority of international students live in dormitory and it is easy to keep yourself busy there. All dormitory residents are open-minded and gladly accept newcomers. Possibility to find job while studying is not utopia but it is important to show initiative. It would be a sin to not mention sandy beach which is few minutes far with bicycle like majority parts of Vlissingen. On the shore of sea students study, play volleyball and find new friends.

Everyone who is interested in new adventures and doesn’t fear life challenges should consider option to join HZ student ranks. I can assure you that here you will find well balanced studies, real experience of your chosen subject and creative equally interactive student life with people around the world who can expand attitude to surrounding environment and life opportunities. If you are interested and have questions contact me or agency which contributes with HZ University. I hope to see you next study year!
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