Mechanical Engineering BEng

Anglia Ruskin University
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Chelmsford, England
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3 or 4 m.
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Mechanical Engineering
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9250.00 GBP
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Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, repair or operate the things we need in everyday life. Learn in one of the most advanced engineering laboratories in any UK university. Our course is rated in the top 20 of the Guardian university league tables 2016. This course has been validated to include an optional Sandwich Placement year in industry.

For more information about Sandwich Placement opportunities, please contact the Placements Team.

Mechanical engineers solve problems through innovation, helping society to become more advanced and adventurous.

Our course will prepare you to work in competitive commercial and industrial environments. It gives you both academic and practical skills, so you become an analytical and creative problem-solver. You’ll develop valuable skills in teamwork, management and leadership and learn an integrated approach to engineering valued by employers. We’ll explore how engineering works in the business context, and how to achieve results within financial constraints.

Using test and measurement equipment, you’ll learn how to specify and design electronics subsystems. You’ll understand how to use computer-based and mathematical methods to model and analyse mechanical-engineering problems.

You’ll also consider your professional and ethical responsibilities, including the global and social contexts of engineering. Hands-on experience, plus lectures from visiting engineers, will ensure you’re up-to-date with current methods in industry. There’s the option of doing a year-long placement in industry between years 2 and 3.

Our facilities include a CAD/CAM centre, industrial-scale CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, rapid prototyping machine, scanning electronic microscope, Instron bi-axial fatigue-testing machine, tensile-testing machine, material-preparation facilities, welding equipment and electronic testing and measuring equipment such as oscilloscopes and signal generating and testing facilities.

This programme is CEng accredited and fulfils the educational requirements for Chartered Engineer when presented with an accredited MSc. In addition, the programme meets the educational requirements for registration as an Incorporated Engineer.

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  • TOEFL - 80

There is strong international demand for qualified mechanical engineers. Employment levels are high and jobs are well-paid. In 2013, the salaries of mechanical-engineering graduates averaged £26,583, rising to around £40,000 within ten years.*

Our degree will also open up a huge variety of non-engineering jobs. Many employers in IT, finance, business and education welcome mechanical engineering graduates because of their high-level numerical and problem-solving skills.

Graduation doesn’t need to be the end of your time with us. If you’d like to continue your studies we offer a wide range of full-time and part-time postgraduate courses including Masters in Engineering ManagementMechanical Engineering, and Manufacturing Systems.

*Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey, 2013.