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Universitetas:University of Huddersfield
Miestas, Šalis:Huddersfield, Anglija
Studijų trukmė:3 m.
Programos sritys:Sociology
Studijų kaina:£9,000
Programos pradžia:2017-09-18
Stojimo pabaiga:2017-01-10

Sociology is the systematic study and analysis of social relationships. It often requires new ways of thinking about issues we normally take for granted. It is a demanding, highly rewarding and exciting subject to study.

You'll have the opportunity to explore aspects of everyday and not so everyday life and human experience. Learning to think sociologically, you'll address important sociological questions relating to how societies operate including the operations of power, interpersonal relationships, constructions of identity and identity politics, health and wellbeing. In particular we explore the intersections between different social groups including those based on gender, ethnicity, culture, disability/impairment, sexuality and age.

You'll learn techniques for investigating the social world and have the opportunity to apply your skills to a project of your own choosing. These techniques include how to design a research project, conduct interviews, focus groups and questionnaires, and how to analyse and write up the data they generate.

Designed to develop a broad understanding of the changing social world, this course promotes wide opportunities for employment. Our graduates have taken up positions in education, central and local government, industrial management, the civil service, public service, policy analysis, the mass media and communications.

English language requirements can be documented as follows:

  • Kastu English test
  • IELTS – score of 6.0
  • PBT TOEFL (Paper-Based Test) – score of 550
  • IBT TOEFL (Internet-Based Test) - score of 80
  • CBT TOEFL (Computer-Based Test) - score of 213

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