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European Spatial and Environmental Planning
Universitetas:Radboud University
Miestas, Šalis:Nijmegen, Nyderlandai
Studijų trukmė:1 m.
Programos sritys:Environmental Sciences, ᎒ Other ᎒
Studijų kaina:€1984
Programos pradžia:2016-09-01
Stojimo pabaiga:2016-04-15

This programme challenges and stimulates students, who work in small groups on contemporary themes and learn to think critically about new developments. In this they receive personal supervision and a thorough training in methodology (how to conduct reliable comparative research).

Unique Master’s level training 
The spatial impacts of European Union policy are visible wherever we look. Transnational transport connections, such as the Öresund bridge, or nature protection through the Natura2000 network, are examples of the influence of EU policy on land use patterns in our regions. The freedoms of the Single European Market give EU citizens the right to work and to buy a house in another country, and companies the opportunity to settle anywhere in the EU. The globalisation of the economy and increasing interlinkages between regions have led to a growth in transport volumes across the EU, as exemplified by recent expansions of many European airports. Many of these EU developments have considerable spatial and environmental implications.

Boundary breaking 
This international and European dimension to spatial and environmental planning in the nations and regions of the EU is the focus of our full-time international Master specialisation on ‘European spatial and environmental planning' (ESEP). During the twelve months of full-time study, students have the opportunity to critically discuss the spatial implications of EU policy in a comparative perspective, and to better understand the multi-level system of governance in an integrated European Union. The Master specialisation gives attention to aspects of coordination of policies and actions vertically (among different levels of government), horizontally (among different policy sectors) and geographically (across administrative boundaries).

Core strength 
A core strength of the ESEP Masters specialisation is the combination of a thorough theoretical and methodological foundation with a critical exploration of actual spatial developments and policy processes. Theoretical approaches taught cover institutional perspectives and theories on European integration, planning and policy-making. Methodologically, the focus is on comparative approaches to allow for a better understanding of differences in planning systems and policies across Europe. Teaching and learning take place in small student groups and are based on interactive approaches.

There is great demand for spatial and environmental planners with a thorough knowledge of the European and international policy context. Our graduates work in EU institutions, national and regional public authorities, private companies and NGOs dealing with spatial planning, regional policy and environmental planning. Because of the international orientation and the thorough academic foundation of the Masters programme, graduates are also well prepared to pursue an academic career in the Netherlands or another European country.

1. A completed Bachelor's degree in spatial planning or a related area. Bachelor degree from spatially-oriented disciplines (such as spatial planning, human geography, social and political sciences of the environment). 

2. A proficiency in English:
  • TOEFL (Internet- based) 90 (no sub-score lower than 18),
  • IELTS test with a score of 6.5 (no sub-score lower than 6.0).
3. A background in research methodology: 
Our programmes is based on research, because we are an academic university and involved in many international research projects. Therefore, we require a basic training in research processes, e.g. research design and data-analysis.

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