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Urban & Regional Planning (Deventer)
Universitetas:Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Miestas, Šalis:Enschede/Deventer, Nyderlandai
Studijų trukmė:2 m.
Programos sritys:Environmental Sciences, Transport & Logistics, ᎒ Other ᎒
Studijų kaina:€1984
Programos pradžia:2017-09-01
Stojimo pabaiga:2017-03-01

Urban and Regional Planners are committed to the sustainable development of combined functions like, working, housing, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, nature, recreation in a region or country. They design and work in the private or public sector and deal with policies, finances, networks and physical relations.

On national, regional and local level Urban and Regional Planners are needed who are trained in thinking and working in combining the different interests and effects of the different functions within a planning process. There is a growing lack of educated urban and regional planners, who are able to undertake analytic and design activities on local to national scale and implement sustainable development.

Aim of the programme

  • The courses aim to enable students from any country:
  • To obtain a Bachelor degree in the mentioned fields of study within a year.
  • To participate in transnational mobility and transfer of knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary context;
  • To be able to address national and local issues in a broader context;
  • To become part of a network of practi-tioners in environmental and spatial management;
  • To conduct applied research in the field of their specialisation;
  • To gain problem solving skills.

The course in Urban and Regional Planning equips the graduates for a number of specific positions:

  • At national, regional or local authorities
  • At consultancy firms
  • At non-governemental organisations
  • At special interest groups
  • At least 3 years of studies in a related field.
  • You must add a CV to your application form.
  • English language: you do not need to pass any tests, however, you need to have English language as a subject and a passed English language exam in your Final diploma.

Even if Kastu test is not required, Kastu will still give you an opportunity to take the test. You are highly recommended to take the test and check whether your English level is sufficient to study in the Netherlands.

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